• Gas line installation
  • New gas fireplace installation
  • Gas fireplace repair
  • Updating gas fireplaces
  • Re-certified fireplaces
  • Gas stoves, dryers, bbqs
  • Mercury switch replacements
  • Hard to find fireplace parts

Our founder, Jeremy A Graat, has more than 19 years of Gas Tech experience, with expertise in gas lines and gas fireplace repair and installation.  


Born and raised in London, he decided to create a one-stop-shop for families looking for gas line installation with uncomprimised safety.

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If you have seen a installation where something "just doesn't seem right"- trust your gut! Your instincts are usually right! Call us for a free second opinion 519-858-8924.

To provide a affordable installation or service your family can depend on. Specifically we aim to:

  • Serve families with a "safety first" mantra
  • Stay educated on latest code changes and industry news.
  • Respond to our Customers inquiries in a timely manner
  • Provide extra value to our services when possible.
  • Educate Customers on any safety issues that may potentially affect them.